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Project Description

Garage Doors 4 U Loveland had a garage door repair project in Loveland, CO.  The homeowner called for an emergency garage door repair service since their garage door was opening very slowly. We responded to their request for garage door repair Loveland quickly as the homeowner was looking for a residential garage door repair company.  We were able to make the repairs quickly so that the homeowner could use their garage again.

Why does a garage door open slowly?

Finding out that your garage door speed is too slow can be really frustrating. You need to assess the speed, whether it is too slow or at normal speed. You have to take into account the possibility that your garage door opener is damaged.

Here are a few signs that the speed of your garage door opener is too slow and why you are experiencing this problem:

Understand the average speed of a standard garage door

You're probably just used to the speed of a commercial garage door that moves faster than a residential garage door. Commercial garage doors have faster speed because they are designed to open and close quickly to meet the demands of industrial settings. The speed for an average garage door is around 7 inches per second. You can fully retract or lower the garage door in about 15 seconds. This is for a standard garage door.

Your garage door is old

The problem might be the age of your garage door opener or other parts of your garage door system. Old torsion springs and other parts can wear out over time and break at any time. You can contact a trustworthy garage door repair company if you need to upgrade to a newer, higher-speed model.

Speed setting

You have to check your speed setting once in a while because it might be switched to slow without you knowing it. You can contact an expert residential garage door repair technician to change the settings for you.

Unlubricated Track, Rollers, and Hinges

You have to remember that every part that moves on your garage door system should be properly lubricated from time to time. This is one of the key elements of proper garage door maintenance, which will make your garage door open and close smoothly.

What to do if you have a slow-moving garage door?

Check the Speed Dial - Make sure that the speed dial is not set to its slowest setting if you recently installed a garage door opener. Most modern electric garage door openers are equipped with a speed dial directly affecting the opening speed of your door. Just refer to the manual if you don't know how to do it.

Lubricate all movable parts of the garage door system - Experts recommend greasing it every three months to increase the functionality of your garage door system. You can use silicone spray and wipe springs, tracks, hinges, rollers, etc.

Examine the Tracks - When your garage door slowly opens, try to check the garage door tracks regularly for dents or flaws. There could be flaws in the tracks that cause the rollers to stop, slowing down the functionality of your garage door. You can use any rubber mallet to replace the garage door track as the need arises. Also, try tightening the screws if necessary to keep your tracks from loosening.

Garage Doors 4 U Loveland is dedicated to being experts in garage door repair and installation. We know how to do this the right way, so allow us to assist you in choosing the right garage door for your property, maintaining your existing garage door, or providing a quote for new garage doors. Garage Doors 4 U Loveland offers the most professional and affordable garage door repair, installation, and maintenance services to Loveland CO residents and the surrounding area. You can rely on our team to help. Just Contact Us and call us anytime at (970) 458-1890 so we can provide assistance to you.

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