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Replacing garage door springs without the proper experience and knowledge of all the parts involved and the forces they are under is a very dangerous adventure you do not want to get in to!    Many accidents and bad injuries had happened in the past and we strongly recommend you not to try it yourself!!!

Loveland Garage Door technicians are very experienced professionals and will be more than happy to come to your home and replace replacing garage door springs the right way and get your garage door to a working order.

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Springs are obviously the most important part in the garage door mechanism and take the most crucial role in raising and lowering the garage door.  The springs entire purpose is to resist the door’s weight by ether a counter torque in a torsion spring system or a counter stretch in an extension spring system and they make it very easy to move up and down ether manually or by a low powered electrical motor.

Every time you close the garage door the springs stretch or wound and every time you open the door they release, they stretch and release many time a day, every day throughout the year, for many years, and just like anything else in this world, after working so hard for so many years, eventually the material gives in and they will break.


Got a broken garage door spring?

Let one of our professionals here at Loveland garage door repair to do it the right way.

We provide garage door spring repair services to the following areas:

Loveland Colorado, Greeley Colorado, Fort Collins Colorado